Visions for the textile industry

One goal of ISPO SHANGHAI (July 6–8, 2017) is to be a gateway for future trends. In cooperation with a trend expert ISPO SHANGHAI studied various global trends with influence on the textile industry and its products. In combination with the defined trend colors and five more detailed textile trends, these mega trends provide a good vision where the future of textiles will take us.

ISPO SHANGHAI is very pleased to have the opportunity to share these visions for Spring/Summer 2019 with the textile industry and to use these trends as a basic guideline for ISPO TEXTRENDS SUMMER 2017.

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The mega trends show visions that are not specific to one particular area but will influence the entire textile chain right down to the consumer.

The color cards and the textile trends result from a range of influences, from consumer behavior to the global economy. Film, music, social media, art and many other activities are reflected in these trends. They form a basic guideline how new developments and innovations of ingredient products will be shown, presented and highlighted at ISPO TEXTRENDS SUMMER 2017.


A surge in summer sports and activities fuels the demand for high performance fabrics with new guidelines. The continued crossover of knowledge combined with different values of function be fitting the Spring/Summer 2019 season, ensures a new performance level without neglecting the increasing interest in a stronger sense of style and creativity. There is a new connectivity and chain of reaction, with traditional functions and an injection of new color combinations being reengineered to deliver a much required newness and a powerful push in the market.

Expect to see softer and more sensually tactile products emerge, enhanced with the distinctive range of lusters plus an essential aspect of comfort and heavenly touch coming through. The focus on function ranges from UV protection, quick dry, moisture management and cooling technologies to compliment trans seasonal performance. High tenacity continues to encourage a new generation of very tough fabrics and trims that have a soft and sensual approach, while the natural and synthetic sectors continue on their course of hybridization.

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This season is about exploration and evolution, meeting personal goals but with a super strong emphasis on style, vitality and technicity. ISPO TEXTRENDS leads the way in delivering on-target qualities in all sectors of the textile chain to guarantee that the sports sector has a strong bearing, seamlessly reacting and adapting to the consumers’ requests for the various activities pursued.


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