Clear, specific criteria are an important part of the jury selection

The international and independent jury judges each entry according to specific criteria. Some applicants provide test results approved by an independent laboratory or a certificate of an independent institute (e.g. bluesign) in order to help the jury to make the best decisions.

The more information provided based on this criteria, the bigger the chances to be selected by the jury.

PERFORMANCE Evaluate the primary performance of the product in improving the wearer's activity level; enhanced performance like moisture management; energizing properties; FIR fabrics; compression According to international textile standards. If two or more samples are on the same level, the construction, style, colors added value etc. will be compared
BEST HAND Touch and feel (may also apply to a multi-functional fabric that is incredibly soft and lightweight) Sensory test
Lightweight can be defines for each category separately
CREATIVITY Applies to a trim or print technique
Strong fashion aspect, especially regarding importance of brand names on garment
Sensory test, based on the jury's experience; judging based on congruence with ISPO trends, plus the use of new technology e.g. printing etc.
INNOVATION Genuinely new development or process (use of brand new fibres, innovative combination, special fibres...) Rated 1-5, the newer the innovation, the more points will be given
ECO/SUSTAINABILITY Applies to waste reduction, low energy and water use in production and recycling criteria - depends widely on accepted certificates Rated 1-5 in two areas, total reduction in comparison to the prior year and total consumption per unit
BEST MULTI-FUNCTION Evaluation of the product's number of powerful performance characteristics (laminated or bonded fabrics) According to innternational textile standards
If two or more samples are on the same level, the construction, style, colors, added value etc. will be compared


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