11 great benefits to promote the most innovative products selected

ISPO MUNICH developed a set of 11 benefits to promote these outstanding products in the performance textile industry, which will be granted to the manufacturers of the selected materials based on their status. The main objective of all these benefits is to support the sales of the selected materials. ISPO MUNICH is pleased to be able to order the presentation on this unique platform at a very appealing price.

BENEFIT 1 - Textile Trends

These trends, defined by expert Louisa Smith, confirm the innovation and trend character of ISPO TEXTRENDS but also simplify the application process for participating companies. In addition, these trends attract sports business professionals, who utilize their visit to ISPO MUNICH to gain the latest insights on the future of the textile industry.

BENEFIT 2 - Label

The selected products will receive the ISPO TEXTRENDS label, which can be used for the original manufacturer’s communication activities. It will not just attract attention during ISPO MUNICH but also on a global level throughout the year.

BENEFIT 3 - Photo Shoot

All selected products will be part of a top-quality photo shoot to produce premium images for all further communication e.g. the Trendbook. The participants will receive the high-res images including full rights of use for their own communication activities.

BENEFIT 4 - Trendbook

The ultimate digital working tool for designers and product managers. It contains the same information as the trendbook but, in addition, has a strong search engine. This makes it easy for designers and product managers to nd and select materials, to communicate with the mills, to compare materials, to share them etc. Available exclusively for iPad (iOS 7.0 or later).


ispo.com, the new information hub for the sports business will feature the new presentation platform and the trends in order to draw the primary target group to ISPO TEXTRENDS.

Benefit 6 - ISPO Newsletter

ISPO TEXTRENDS will be featured in the regular newsletter using a well-coordinated schedule. The main goal is to generate interest in this highly interesting presentation platform amongst designers, product managers and journalists.

Benefit 7 - Stickers

ISPO MUNICH will provide “BEST PRODUCTS”, “TOP 10” and “SELECTION” stickers the day before the show, which can be used to mark the appropriate material samples in the booth of each participant. Label les can also primarily be sent out for individual production.

Benefit 8 — ISPO TEXTRENDS Forum at ISPO MUNICH - 28th to the 31st of January 2018

ISPO MUNICH showcases the chosen products at a specially designed exhibition booth, allowing trade show visitors to touch and feel the displays. Located in the heart of hall C3, it will be THE main attraction for your target group.

Benefit 9— ISPO TEXTRENDS Forum at ISPO BEIJING - 24th to the 27th of January 2018

Similar to ISPO MUNICH, ISPO BEIJING also showcases the chosen products at a specially designed exhibition booth.

Benefit 10 - Manual

The manual provides recommendations and advice on how to use e.g. the provided label in order to get the most for your company out of this presentation platform.


ISPO MUNICH sends out several press releases throughout the year to draw the attention of journalists, designers and product managers to this topic, area and trendbook.

The textile trends can be downloaded here:



Please feel free to download them to prepare your application.

These unique benefits will promote the selected products and will certainly help raise awareness among designers, product managers and journalists for the greatest innovations in the performance textile and components industry.


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